Painting Complex

Video credits: David C. Herman — editing, Jeff Beekman — camera

Painting Complex is the culmination of my exploration of performance art, which had become my focus in grad school at the University of New Mexico. The performance occurred live in front of an audience at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, NM in January 2005. For this performance, 400 cinder blocks and approximately 30 gallons of latex and acrylic paints were used to create an event intended to challenge notions of entertainment. Jumping from structures partially erected prior to the performance, I resumed to build up the structures as high as possible, using excesses of paint between blocks, which splattered into the audience and rendered the towers of blocks more precarious and threatening. I was cheered on to attain greater and greater heights, but when the structures began to collapse, the nature of the event shifted from play to danger and audience members had to consider their own boundaries between passive viewing and intervention.

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